One Step Forward

Ruby heels clicked slowly on a gum ridden sidewalk as the back of a beach tanned foot was quickly becoming blistered. Her legs, covered in nude hose, were recently shaven with strawberry daiquiri shaving cream that smelt just like the drink. A black hem started, about mid- thigh, just above a small birthmark shaped like a seventies decorative flower. The hem continued on to become a dress of a certain allure. Something that said professional wasn’t all she was. Sleek and slim, the body that filled the dress was just as appealing without it. Wrapping around an hourglass, the silky dress tapered off at the bust into a soft v- cut. She was sleeved to the elbow and carried a green polka dotted umbrella in her left hand, the handle dangling from her fingers. A multi gemmed necklace snuck through her cleavage and snaked around the back of her neck in a traditional clasp grip. Her hair fell messily around her face, and one could tell it was fixed nicely only hours before.

She moved one foot in front of the other as if it was no effort, but it was. Her name was Mary and it was hard for her to walk away from what she was walking away from but she did with a grace. On the outside it looked as if she had made the right decision, but on in the inside she was toying with the idea of running back to him. Why? WHY? To beat the shit out of him. That’s why. She gripped the handle of her umbrella harder and dug her lime nails into the palm of her hand, not quite drawing blood.

She felt the first raindrop on the back of her neck and she could have sworn that it sizzled and evaporated as soon as it touched her skin. The second drop splashed off the top of a yellow cab. Third bounced off a leaf. Mary quickened her pace and took refuge in a phone booth. She knew the way rain worked in New York City. It took about four or five rain drops before the curtain of water engulfed the block. And indeed, she was right. It was as if the whole sky had spilt a pitcher of water on one single area of the city.

(Just a small scene I submitted in my Creative Writing class under the assignment, “Rising Tension.”

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