Strange Allusions (Ode)

(I wrote this back in the day. It was actually put to music as well.)

Elegant Allusions

It’s like a rock
A big big rock
Falling faster and faster
For you.
I’m falling
For you.
Easy, it’s real easy
When you look at me
I lose all sense of reality
And I fall.
Simply head over heels,
They slip, my feet
Falling right from under me.
My hear throbs, my blood pumps
At the thought of your pretty blue eyes
The shape of your thighs,
The very things that make me shy
Away from you.
Dear, you are the epitome of love.
Beauty, elegance, strange allusions
To things I didn’t even know existed.
My eyes flutter at night,
Dreams of you make me shiver.
One day I hold your hand,
Your fingers interlace mine like silk,
Porcelainly delicate, I hold them
Like a life line.
The next day you kiss me,
Sweet whispers of remedy rest upon your lips,
Chastising me for an empty life.

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1 Response to Strange Allusions (Ode)

  1. GetFurie says:

    I love the way you write. I love you! ❤

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