A Brief Release (Fiction)


extraordinary-art-deco-kitchenHis fingers caressed the trough of her back where her spine pearled down into two beautiful crescents upon which he laid both of his hands. He could feel her smile on his cheek as her lips pursed, leaving a trail of kisses down his neck. Fingers tightened and lifted the beauty up onto the kitchen island.

Spartan, with colors of light black and lime green, the woman’s apartment boasted elegance and simplicity. The kitchen was slick with the smell of cleanliness and roses and oversized glass balcony doors framed the couple in the dim light for the whole world to see.

She leaned back, letting the marbled counter top cool her hands. Her dress ribboned her body, as if it were an extension of the woman herself.

“You are a wonderful creature.” The words slipped his lips into her ear as he reached for her shoe. He lifted her leg, careful to get a long graze of silky skin against his cheek, and unstrapped her left heel. Placing her leg back down, he lowered to a knee and unstrapped the other while stealing kiss from her right stem.

“A beautiful creature.” Back on his feet again, the man peered into her eyes. Not for answers. Not for clues. But for something. Something pure and free. Their lips met, tentatively at first. She tasted of strawberries and menthol and he of desire. Their reticent nature soon faltered and passion flamed. As the fire burned, she wrapped her legs around his still belted waist and urged for movement towards the sprawling chaise lounge sectional. The chill in the air began to dissipate as her fingers slid underneath his belt buckle. The sliver clasp unlatched easily and the belt slipped out as she pulled sensually. Simpering, her elegance turned into artistry.

She moved up his flank, stretching out one lean leg over. Now upon him, she leaned down, touching their lips ever so lightly. Her crimson dress showered over his waist, leaving more intrigue only inches away. It was seamless. Like pieces of a puzzle, they fit together.

He laced fingers with hers and pulled her hands up over his head, bringing her face an inch from his. “A kiss.” He stole one. “Is worth.” And another. “So many words.” And as their lips were connected in a deep retreat, they joined as one. Rhythmic movements kept their emotions heightened and their physical intent clear. Her hips left him ravenous as she ebbed and delivered more and more every time she came in.

And their moment, of total escalation, peaked. The man and his muse had entered a realm of release and relief and freedom.

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